Fit4Fall 6 week Challenge

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I’m looking for 20 men and women who are ready to burn fat, lose inches and get fit within the next 6 weeks.  And here’s the best part, I will pay you to do it. Drop 20lbs or more & earn your Money Back! 


Why would I do that? It’s simple, I want YOU to be my next incredible before and after, just like the photos you just saw. 

Here’s what you get with this challenge:

  • Access to 4 In Gym Training Sessions/week led by our Certified Trainers / Kinesiologists

  • Unlimited Online Access to Over 27 Zoom/Facebook Live Workouts/week 

  • “Done-for-You” Meal Plans & Grocery Lists

  • Nutritional Counselling with our Nutritionist through our Private Facebook Group, Live Recipes, Cookbooks, Food Swaps etc. 

  • Access to our Mindset Workshops

  • Assigned your own Transformation Coach with access to our *New App – My 180Fitness Coach” 

  • Drop 20+ lbs of ugly fat (without Counting Calories)

  • Easily Slip Right Back Into your Skinny Jeans




Complete a group goal setting & habit building session

This will take place virtually in October and is mandatory. We will contact you for the time.

We are here to help you with your fat loss goals, and we are also here to help you create life long habits for lifetime success. You'll create long term goals and work backwards to build a plan to crush your 6 week goals and build going forward. For those with fat loss goals, you can expect to lose 6-15 pounds. You do not have to have fat loss goals to join and we will help with any types of goals you have.


Complete an inBody Assessment, progress photos and measurements (optional)

Tracking your success is crucial if you have fat loss goals!

You'll come to our 180 Degree Fitness gym for an inBody assessment and then you'll take your own progress photos and measurements from there. You may also lose fat and gain muscle. The scale wouldn't reflect this so it's important we do the inBody and go by your fat loss and not just the scale.

The weigh-ins are optional. We don't want you to feel like you have to get on a scale but for those with big fat loss goals, we do want to track your progress.


Come to 180 Degree Fitness to work out for 6 weeks

You'll be able to join our boot camps, open gym and 1x per week infrared sauna. You'll also have virtual access to live and recorded sessions. Note: this program is an in-person program and cannot be done fully virtual.

You will have to be able to come in-person at least 3x/week during the 6 weeks. Of course you can come more if you like if you have the time  Some people have attended up to 30 sessions in 6 weeks!

Please note that we have some time restrictions for classes. We are always assessing the schedule to ensure our clients are getting the times they want. To keep up with this, we need to have times that are unavailable for new members. Unfortunately new members may not attend the 12 noon and 5 PM session times for this offer. We realize this may mean you cannot join the program. We hate that, but we must always be loyal to our long time members.


Work directly with your 180 Coach

You'll have a coach by your side for 6 weeks to ensure your success. Your coach will check in often, do a weekly review and give you honest feedback at all times.

Accountability is key and you'll be able to use your coach to your advantage to ensure this is the last time you start a new program. We ask that you aren't shy and ask as many questions as you need and seek feedback from your coach as often as you need.


Get fined for not taking action on your goals

We are only accepting committed particIpants. We want you to get amazing results that will inspire others.

Because of this, the program is only $1 with no hidden charges, but you'll pay a $397 fee if you don't finish the program (you'll just need to do a final survey) and a $397 fee if you don't attend 3 in-person sessions per week during the 6 weeks. We don't budge on this. We are making a big commitment to you and in return we expect a commitment to us.


Win Prizes For Sticking With It!

Transformation Prizes:

For those who are looking for a big physical transformation, we will choose transformation prizes based on fat loss, muscle gain and significance of before and after photos. These are optional.

$150 cash + 180Fitness swag
$100 cash + 180Fitness swag
180Fitness swag


Habit Prizes: Everyone who completes 80% or more of their chosen habits will be entered into a draw for the following

Habit Prizes:

Everyone who completes 80% or more of their chosen habits will be entered into a draw for the following:

$150 cash + 180Fitness swag
$100 cash + 180Fitness swag
180Fitness swag

This is the best accountability program where the results are inevitable! 

If its not now... when ? 

Save your spot with $65 and come talk to us for a payment plan.